Nicole's Doggie Retreat
Your dog's home away from home!
Friday nights are free!
Meet and greets, drop off and pick ups are all by appointment only.

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    I have always been a huge dog lover, and have cared for dogs my whole life! I have been dog-sitting off and on for about 20 years. Thankfully, I married a wonderful man, Dan, who equally shares my love for animals. Together, we treat everyone's dog as if they were our own.
    We have the sweetest Labradoodle named Bailey who gets along well with everyone! We live in a large home with close to an acre fenced in backyard. It has basically become a giant dog park now! A lifelong dream of mine!
    We are constantly making improvements to our dog areas and look forward to seeing you and your best friend soon!


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Our beautiful outdoor area. 

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About Your dog's stay

  • We like to meet with you and your pet so you can meet us and Bailey and make sure it is a good fit.

  • Paperwork filled out in full and signed.

  • Must be up to date on all shots and provide proof.

  • No aggressive breeds Pitbull's etc., sorry this is a recent update.

  • No unspayed or unneutered pets (unless they are under 6 months).

  • Make sure your dogs are up to date on flea and heart worm medicine.

What to Expect

We have a home with about an acre fenced in yard and are happy to host your dog! In the summer we have a kiddie pool for the dogs to enjoy.


We also have a 800 square foot separate dog room for the pups to play and sleep. The dogs will be able to play openly inside or outside and even have their own beds to lounge on. 


You will receive daily photo updates. 

In order to keep the pups on a schedule I try to keep pick-up and drop off times between 8-9:30am and 5-6:30pm


Daycare Rates


$35 per day

Boarding Rates

Friday Nights are always free! We charge similar to a hotel. If dogs are not picked up by the morning time slots another night will be added to their stay since they are here all day.

Dogs over a year

$30 per night

Puppies (dogs under a year)


Holiday Rates


$40 for puppies

Payment Methods


  • Anything but coin rolls :




  • @nicolesdoggos

What to bring

*Payment is expected prior to drop off.

*Dog food


*Crate/Kennel (if your dog goes in one when you leave the house)

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